About Us

About Us

For over 15 years, Trinity Surgical, in partnership with Sayali Surgical, has provided the best services to hospitals & healthcare units!

Trinity Surgicals has great expertise in supplying and installing hospital medical equipment, MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System), Gas Pipes, Oxygen Plants, Anesthesia Workstation Machines, Ultra Sound Machines, Hospital Furniture, OT Table and OT light and more.

Trinity Surgicals has entered into a partnership with Sayali Surgical in order to increase its surgical business. Trinity Surgical provides state-of-the-art products in the healthcare industry. We provide healthcare products to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, doctors, surgeons, etc. A wide range of medical products and equipments are available from reputed brands and manufacturers. Unlike our competitors, we are bound to provide the highest quality products at competitive prices. We promise to provide excellent after-sales service to our valued customers.


We Provide Annual Maintenance Contract for Anesthetic Workstation Machine, MGPS (Medical Gas Pipeline System), Installation of Oxygen Plant, Medical Equipment, Hospital furniture and Other Medical Equipments

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